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What would you like to know about your MP?

Let us know.

10 comments to What would you like to know about your MP?

  • AK

    My MP is so noisy that I wonder if he has any listening skills! I will just try and talk to him through the ballot.

    Good work Ory!

  • Me i’d like to ask some of our MP’s to follow the smell and go get their brains back from the Dandora dumpsite.

    Seriously the kind of thinking capacity displayed by our “honourable” MPs leaves a lot to be desired.

  • I am more worried about my president. He tends to be very abusive on the few occassions he talks to Kenyans. Is that just a habit ( a bad one at that) or is it something to do with being senile and by the way I have tremendous respect for elderly people. Needless to say I adore my grandmother, but she is not the president of the Republic of Kenya.

    Can Kibaki actually talk to Kenyans in a civilised and coherent manner at all, or is that asking for too much? He is beginnng to remind me of Mzee Kamaliza (Kenyatta). I used to listen to that dude as a kid growing up. I had no idea what he was talking about. Sometimes he would address the nation in Kikuyu. And then he used to talk in a booming voice and tell the country how he will “siaga siaga” and “ponda ponda” people who opposed him. Jesus Christ, we have come a long way.

    My MP is useless, but his actions are less likely to affect my life the way the actions and in actions of my president can. Come 2007 I am voting against both of them.

  • OPP

    I would like to know if my M.P. thinks that it is possible for Kenyans to stop dying of hunger and treatable diseases. I would also like to know whether he knows that the average Kenyan is poorer than the average Ugandan.

    On top of that, do our MPs have national pride? Do they feel ashamed when statistics keep putting us in the same group with “failed states”? Do they want us to be mighty and strong some day, and stop begging all the time? What vision do they have for the state of Kenya?

  • nyam

    with all the cdf money what developments have you put in place for the constituent…..what are you planning to do in your next term.

  • My Nairobi MP is William Omondi. I would like to ask

    “Where at thou?”

  • Hi Ory, I need help with some information regarding corporate social responsibility/Global Comact Netework… Could you shoot me an email so that I can e-mail you the details? Thanks

  • John Komira

    Would like the e-mail address of Eldoret East M.P , Joseph Langat Kipchumba.

    We have a very bad road, Kapsoya Road, which needs his immediate attention

  • hon. lenny kivuti

    I want to know what different Hon. Kivuti will do different from Hon. Muturi.

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