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Moving down South

Move has been in the works for a while, and an official announcement is long overdue. I will now be permanently based in Johannesburg, South Africa (getting ready to help y’all spend your 2010 World Cup $$$). Will be traveling back to Kenya frequently though to work on scaling up Mzalendo and other projects.

8 comments to Moving down South

  • Anonymous

    When I saw you moving I thought you are heparing mama Africa but SA is acceptable you really challenge the rest of us lost broads. Keep grinding we have your back all the way. And don’t start acquiring “expat” tabias. Xoxo.

  • All the best with your new endeavour.Just don’t get your ass beat by them racist boers or turn into a rape statistic!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Good luck in SA!

  • bankelele

    Good luck with projects SA & here.
    And prep for aWC 2010 party week

  • Good luck Ory.

  • Great news! Good luck with the move and I wish you the best of luck down in SA. I’d love for you to figure out how I can spend my chumas ($$$) in 2010 while watching a game down there… :)

  • Hmm, I could have sworn that I already left a comment here. Congatulations. It great to hear that you are getting an opportunity to work on stuff that you enjoy.

    – Steve

  • Hey karibu sana
    welcome to south africa, i wish you all the best in south africa, only do not be scared of Joburg, with all the insecurity news in your mind, you will be supprise, find out for your self !!
    i work in Joburg as a phillanthropist for the black Soweto community, you can mail your contact while in joburg.
    harrison katwikila munuve.