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Thanks! (Kaybee Awards)

Kenyan Pundit won the award for best political blog. To everyone who nominated me, voted for me, encouraged me to keep going, THANK YOU!!! And congratulations to all the other nominees and winners…the KBW is testament to the (underacknowledged and often hidden) vibrancy and talent that Kenya holds, and for me always a source of optimism when the rubbish that permeates Kenyan politics gets me down.

AOB: I haven’t been doing much “punditing” lately because I have been tied up with several projects, but hope to remedy that soon enough.

14 comments to Thanks! (Kaybee Awards)

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to go!!!

  • prousette

    You earned it Ory, congratulations.

  • Finally you earned what you deserve. Congratulations and keep it up!

  • Congratulations in order.

  • Nice one! Congratulations!

  • Lia

    From one of your ardent fans, congratulations on your win.

    The fact that you were on the nomination list for three other categories (blog of the year, trailblazer award, achievement award) than the one you won (political blog), attests not only to the quality and diversity of your blogging, but also to your wide and loyal following.

  • Ciru

    Mad props to you…you are worthy. But now…you don’t just sit back on your laurels. To those whommuch has been given much is expected. Whither do we go on the issue of Kenyan MPs trying to grant themselves more money in the face of rampant famine and disease epidemics? Are you going to lead Kenya in pulling a Nepal on our leaders?

  • Osas

    These awards are a small thing. But they are a token of friendship and appreciation from many. It shows that your efforts go not out in vain, that your thoughts are pondered, that your ideas inspire.
    So, keep the faith, and keep fighting, dear Ory !


  • Ory sister! a multitude of greetings to you 😀
    I ain’t touching this packed lunch subject — my momma visits this blog too.
    Ory, I used to think you were Nigerian ‘cuz your first and last names are Ibo/Igbo. Didn’t help that I found your spot via Emeka Okafor (timbuktu Chronicles).
    Great work here. Stop by our hut sometime — http://www.CIPESA.org (Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa) or our parent’s hut, http://www.bridges.org, and maybe add us to your ‘stay informed’ list.

  • M


    I also remember you were the one who arm twisted me into blogging and even posted the first comment before I even went public!!!!v:grin: