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How to mess up your country…

So our Minister of Agriculture Kipruto Kirwa has remained intent on screwing up the local sugar industry (rumor has it that those 89,000 tonnes have financed this). Kirwa’s shenanigans aside, the local sugar industry would still have problems competing effectively due to high production costs etc. While other African players in the sugar industry including Southern Sudan have shown a keen interest in diversfying and adopting the highly successful Brazilian ethanol model, the current Kenya Sugar Act prohibits sugar companies from producing ethanol. SAY WHAT???

For some background on the feasibility of producing ethanol in Kenya click here. There is a group trying to change the current law, they are called the Sugar Campaign for Change (wish they’d make their resources available as pdfs and update the site).

3 comments to How to mess up your country…

  • bankelele

    Am told that is S. Sudan, producing sugar is a by-product of crushing sugar cane. – generating electricity is the main product there, something Mumias sugar is also doing now

  • Hi there,
    Enjoyed your posts on the situation in Kenya. Particularly the last post seemed to affirm some of the things I saw in the Constant Gardener, the movie that is based on la Carre’s novel. It is depressing, and shocking- what goes on. I am sure you have seen it. I am doing a poll right now on my blog (Safrang, from Afghanistan) about this and some other movies. Would be glad if you could pitch in. Thanks, and good luck.

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