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Optimism in Africa

A few days ago I read this post by Ethan. He links to this piece in the New York Times that is seeking the source of Africa’s “relentless optimism.” The author asks: “Where does such relentless optimism in the face of unyielding misery come from? One glance at the statistical profile of the continent’s 900 […]

Quick hits

– Geekcorps is looking for a few good geeks to work in Kenya.

– North Sea Jazz Festival coming to Nairobi next year. Neat.

– $100 laptop meets free wireless?

Githongo to speak at the Cato Institute in Washington DC

The event will be on March 29th. This will be his first speaking engagement in the U.S. Hopefully some DC-based Kenyan bloggers can cover the event for us. Real audio/video of the speech will also be available via Cato’s website.

International Women’s Day

Stuck in meetings all day so this is a bit late. Thanks Mshairi for being the catalyst.

This International Women’s Day, I’d like to celebrate all the women who both ran for political seats and won political seats in the last year – from local government, to parliamentary bodies, to high office. The high profile […]

Weekly Citizen articles

These are the articles that resulted in a government raid late last month. Hat tip Avash!

Kibaki Senile: Who Is Ruling Kenya?

By Citizen Team Weekly Citizen, February 20th-26th, 2006

The increasingly besieged regime of President Mwai Kibaki scarred by the Anglo- Leasing graft allegations that has seen some of its key pillars crumble is […]

Press Freedom Letter to Kibaki

In solidarity with Keguro…

Dear President Kibaki:

On March 2, 2006 government forces raided the headquarters and printing plant of the Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment and newspapers, they shut down the KTN news station.

This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from Standard Newspaper, attacks on Citizen Weekly, and ongoing […]

Attack on the Standard

It’s seems like the proverbial shit will not stop hitting the fan in Kenya.

Just landed back from San Francisco to find this mess.

I mean what the hell is this all about? I’m totally perplexed. Doesn’t this “crack sqaud” have better things to do, for instance like solve real crimes? Wasn’t the […]

Githongo featured in Time Magazine

Pretty good write up. Hat tip Selam!