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TED Day 1 – Al Gore Speech

– Intro: “I am Al Gore, I used to be the next President of America.” Audience laughs. Gore, “I don’t think that’s funny.” – We are facing a planetary emergency. Collision btwn civilization and resources. There’s an old cliché that the Chinese word for crisis has two characters – one signifying danger and the other […]

TED Day 1- Session 2

Just shared an elevator with Al Gore over the break. He introduced himself to me…I played it cool, like I share elevators with former American V-Ps all the time. My mother won’t appreciate the fact that I didn’t try and get a photo-op.

1. Speaker One – Lisa Randall (Theoretical Physicist). Eh, this one […]

TED Day 1 – Session 1

My attempt to live blog the sessions.


– First speaker is Erik Petersen who is a futurist and global analyst with 7 futures. He says the future will revolve around 7 key themes: 1) Population growth / demographics – be a big gap between high growth countries and low […]

Anglo-leasing the good news…

I’ve been suffering from the worst jet-lag ever. Conference starts tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be all perky by then.

So what’s the good news about Anglo-leasing?

– Kenyans are more awake than ever…the pressure that Kibaki is reacting to is not donors, not the opposition and not even the johnny-come lately civil society – […]

Commentary on the Uganda elections

The upcoming elections in Uganda will have implications on the future of democracy in the region as a whole…perhaps the “African Big Man” syndrome is not about to vanish after all. For more context on the elections, Prof. Joe Oloka-Onyango has been kind enough to allow me to post his recent speech before the East […]

Going to Cali…

Been trying to beat deadlines all week so haven’t had much time to blog. I’m on my way to California this weekend, to attend the TED conference. This is a HUGE deal and I can barely contain my excitement…it’s one of the many good things that have landed on my lap since I left the […]

Quick hits

– Want to be part of a new way of thinking about development insteading of just ranting about Jeffrey Sachs et. al. Apply to be an Acumen Fellow (deadline Feb 17). Acumen has projects in Kenya and Tanzania among other places.

– Biopiracy in Africa. Click here for the full report. Via East African!

– […]

Response to Kiraitu’s questions

This has been making its way around the internets in response to Kiraitu’s 36 questions, author is unknown…

1. When did John Githongo join TI?

ANSWER: This question has no relevance to the Anglo-Leasing scam. But if you must know, John Githongo joined TI in 2003 (It has been established that he actually joined […]