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Quick hits…

It’s a rainy lazy day in SF which means I’ve spent most of the afternoon indoors catching up with my RSS feeds and supposedly trying to clear my backlog of work. I’d like to think that this post represented some productivity.

– Unganisha is back with tales from Kampala.

– AfroMusing has a great round-up of the Kenyan blogosphere.

– You’ve heard about the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman or maybe even read it – now listen to an interview with the author via Open Source (and maybe attempt to make sense of the 100 or so comments the show elicted).

– Seems like there’s a female political leaders meme in the air or something. Jamaica to get it’s first female Prime Minister. According to one of her constituents, “She no fraid a nothing, no kind a war, no care wha kind a ruption a gwaan, she is always around in the constituency.”

– This should be a good read for the anti-Jeffrey Sachsers among us. Hat tip Meskel Square!

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