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Happy New Year!

Regular blogging should resume soon (including a segment on breathalyzers or what Kenyans are calling “Vuta pumzi”) and, due to popular demand, the Kenyan Journalism series will continue.

In the meantime, a mini rant. WTF? Ati, “Prof Mack said the artefacts were either bought by the British or given as gifts to missionaries. Britain is a melting pot of various cultures and the artefacts in our museums have helped to support this fact. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit our museums to see these items and this heritage would be diminished if they were removed,” he said.”

Given as gifts? Who’s heritage is he talking about?

Yet another reason for me not to have a warm fuzzy feeling about England.

And one more neat thing to check out. What do you know about Africa in 2006? Props to Ethan for setting this up.

9 comments to Happy New Year!

  • Osas

    A cute little quiz, mixing trivia and substantial questions – but then, what is at all “trivial” in our globalising world? Thanks for giving the link, Ory.

    For due humility, I only got 80 %, but it really should be 90 %, since Zuckerman is himself wrong in question # 9 :grin:.


  • Which question was the wrong one Osas? The numbers change every time you do the quiz.

  • re: prof. mack: that is a definite WTF moment. “used to be your stuff but it is ours now”. nice way to cement relationships between africa and the UK. sheesh.

  • Osas

    Andrew: the wrong answer was Ethan’s conjecture about the percentage of mobile phone owners.
    Kamau: you fail to see the (worldwide) context of the problem. Iraq just provided an actualization of the dilemma in 2003.


  • I have re-read this 3 times and I am still confused:oops:

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